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LiquidSky Trunks are made out of  Polyester Microfiber / Spandex, Woven 4-Way Stretch fabric, a very strong water repellent material. The stretch fiber offers a comfortable wear and allows freedom of movement for performance wear applications. The elasticity in these trunks is greatly improved by the special construction of microfiber spandex in the material. 

Available in True Sizes and a tie cord closure You will love our inner printed side pockets.

What is True Size?

Most apparel is available in sizes like Small, Medium , Large etc. or by numbers like 30, 32, 34, 36 etc.

What do these numbers mean? Really nothing, a Size by letter is a standard measurement we use to differentiate size but some brands make them bigger or smaller than others.

By number it will all depend on the brand. Normally a pant size 34 can measure anywhere from 36 to 38 inches. then that means that the size is really not true to fit. With LiquidSky pants. since it's an online store we want to make sure your pants fit you well. It's as simple as, Measure the circumference of  your waist where you like wearing your pants and order based on that number. If you measure 34 inches then order a size 34” if you measure 34.5 we recommend you get a 35” Don't be scared about this number not being the same as your other clothing. you really are what you measure and we will send you that same size in exact inches.