Direct to Garment

Just what it sounds like!

A Direct to Garment, or DTG, Printer operates as a specialized ink jet printer designed to apply an image to a T-shirt just like your home printer applies one to a piece of paper. Of course, because the medium is different, the inks are different. Also because this is a commercial process the printer is bigger and more complex. However, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You can print one to even twenty shirts of the same design. Want a different name on each or to resize the graphics? It’s all possible! But you know what the best part bout it is? Forget about one to four colors. GO BIG! If you art has a million colors, gradients shadows, or graphic effect, that is not a problem for a DTG. Any designs can be printed. And we can do it for a very affordable price.

We offer a great variety of T-shirts and we can print single orders of just 1 shirt in just one day. Depending on your design we can recommend other printing options like SCREEN PRINTING but DTG is the best option for small amount and full color images, just send me the file we will turn it into a T-shirt.

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